How can I pay my bill?
The District accepts cash, check, cashier check, money orders and automatic withdrawals from your checking account.  Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • By Mail:  Please enclose the bill stub and check.
  • In Person:  Payments can be made in person at the District office, Monday - Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
  • Payment Drop Box:  A drop box, located at the District office, is available for after-hours payments.  The drop box is checked on a regular basis.
  • ACH Payments:  The District offers direct debit as a payment method.
  • Credit Card (online payments)

The District does not accept payments over the telephone nor does it accept credit cards.

My bill is due today.  Can I mail it?
If the bill is due today, it must be received by the end of the business hours today.  You can put it in our drop box .  Payments in the drop box that are retrieved the first thing in the morning will be posted before late charges are applied. 

What are Standby Fees?
A monthly charge made for property situated 150 feet from a Polk County Fresh Water Supply District #2 Sewer Collection line, which may at some future time connect to the Sanitary Sewer System or any property which has had the sewer service disconnected and is not paying a User Charge.

Why do I pay Ad Valorum Taxes?
Ad Valorum Taxes are used to pay debt and make capital improvements.  The system is aging and must be properly maintained to ensure the Health and Safety of our residents and lake waters.

When do I need to obtain a sewer permit?
You must  obtain a sewer permit:

  • Anytime you are modifying an existing sewer line that is outside of the building.
  • If you are installing a new sewer line and connecting to the sewer.

How do I schedule an inspection?
Requests for inspections can be taken only after the complete connection to the sewer line is made.  Inspections will be done within  24 hours of the request.  You may call 936-646-5977 to schedule an inspection.

Do you recommend any side sewer contractors to do my onsite installation?
We do not recommend any side sewer contractors.  Only licensed plumbers can perform sewer work in the City of Onalaska boundaries.  We only have lists of licensed plumbers who have performed sewer work in the District.  For more information, please call 936-646-5977.

How do I find out whether sewer service is currently available to my property?
Sewer availability depends on many factors and is subject to the location of the property.  To find out information related to sewer service for your property, please call 936-646-5977.

What Do I Do if Sewage Is Backing Up Into My Home?
If it’s three in the morning and you have sewer backing up into your home, call Polk County Fresh Water Supply District No. 2  at 936-646-4477 and the call will be forwarded to the operator on-call.  If you do not get a satisfactory response, call the Operations Manager or Office Manager at 936-646-5977.

Don’t be alarmed if the on-call operator first gathers information and talks you through solving the problem yourself.  The District just wants to determine whether it is the homeowner’s (private lateral) line or a District main sewer line that is causing the problem.  Each requires dispatching a different set of tools/equipment, and the District wants to make sure there is no wasted time solving your problem.  While the private lateral line is the homeowner’s responsibility, the District will provide input and advice on correcting the problem. 

Often the operator on-call can talk the homeowner through the process.  Still, the District does get false alarms, and it must sort those out, too.  The District often gets calls that are really water main and not sewer problems.   Talking  with the homeowner can help us sort these things out, so that we minimize the number of false alarms we send a worker to.  This can save the District money!!