Regular Board of Director meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. The agendas are posted at the Polk County Courthouse, Onalaska City Hall, Onalaska Post Office and at the District Administration Office. The agendas are posted 72 hours before a regular or special meeting and 4 hours before an emergency meeting. All meetings have an open forum section where the public can address the Board. If you have an issue that you’d like to bring to the Board’s attention (i.e. customer service, billing, etc.), please contact Loveearl Hodge (936-646-5977) for information on how to have your issue placed on the next meeting agenda.

The Board of Directors are elected by registered property owners in the Fresh Water District. Elections are held in May of each “even” year. i.e. 2018, 2020, 2022. The terms of office are staggered and each candidate is elected for a term of four years.

The current Board Members and time in office are as follows:

President Johnny Burke May, 2014
Vice President/Treasurer Patti Johnson May, 2018
Secretary Hazen Fanjoy Aug., 2021
Director Royce Newport May, 2012
Director Howard Davis April 2023