SEWER RATES, FEES AND ASSESSMENTS (section 3.01):  The following rates for the collection and disposal of sewage shall be in effect for each Separate Connection within the District from the effective date hereof until such time as the Board of Directors amends said rates.

User Type    Monthly Charge
    User Charge Capital Charge Total
Residential User    $29.41 $2.43 $31.84
Commercial User        
To 4000 gallons per month usage   $29.41 $2.43 $31.84
4001+ gallons per month/per thousand   $  5.70 $0.51  $  6.21
Water Volumes measured, in arrears        

*A State Regulatory Assessment equal to one-half percent (0.5%) of the charge for retail sewer service shall be collected from each customer. 

All sewer service billings will appear on the Polk County Fresh Water Supply District No. 2 County Fresh Water Supply District monthly billing and late fees will be applied after the 15th of each month at a rate of ten percent (10%) per month.


  • Installation of Pressure System - Includes tap and 50’ of 2’ line: $5,670
  • Installation of Gravity and Pressure Taps up to 10’ deep: $1,540 (deeper taps are cost plus 5%)
  • Construction of Road Bores: 0-20’ $650; 20-30’ $1,050; 30-50’ $1,650 (directional bores and/or major highways is cost plus 5%).
  • Installation of 2” sewer line: $7 per linear foot
  • Installation of 4” sewer line $14 per linear foot (over 12 foot in depth is cost plus 5%).
  • Residential Permit Fee: $135
  • Commercial Permit Fee: $350
  • Residential Re-inspection Fee: $35
  • Commercial Re-inspection Fee: $85
  • Inspection of Grease Traps: $35
  • Disconnect Fee for Involuntary Non-payment or Health Violation: $50
  • Reconnect Fee for Involuntary Non-payment or Health Violation: $50
  • Holding tank pump-out (wastewater only): $150. (No septic can be pumped under any circumstance. $75 credit for first time call if FOG Training Class completed within 10 days)
  • Returned Check Charge: $30
  • Late payment penalty: 10% with $2 minimum
  • Certified Letter Fee for Non-payment or Violations letters: $12

(Section 3.02):  
$200 Residential; Commercial Deposit determined by Office Manager.

AD VALORUM TAX (Section 3.03):
The 2024 rate is $0.3035 per $100 evaluation, minus deductions allowed for Disabled and Homesteaded/Over 65.  Appraisals are performed by Polk Central Appraisal District and taxes are collected by Polk County Tax Assessor/Collector.